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Behind every piece of furniture that we make lies considered design, selection of the best quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. 

Each project we undertake, we start with your perfect outcome as our foundation. From there we look at what works best for you, any limitations you may need us to consider, and any area we can use our abilities to enable you to achieve as much as possible from your project. 

With extensive knowledge of materials and applications, we are always happy to bring new ideas on board, and we certainly are not afraid of thinking outside the box. We will take into consideration what is best for you at all times, and in every case, apply the full width of our skills and facilities to producing and achieving the very best for our clients.


Our design team will work with you to develop your designs from initial briefs and hand-drawn concepts, all the way to CAD drawings and 3D renders, giving you a clear insight into what we are proposing, and how we will achieve it. Coordinating and planning the seamless delivery of your project through to installation.

We pride ourselves on our original and creative approach to finding unique solutions to the most unusual of projects. We are always on hand for advice and knowledge to help you along the way. 

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